Casino in James Bond Movies

James bond is well known for glamorous scenes where he depicts style. He is often seen frequenting many high class establishments to drink, dance or gamble. The casino scenes stand out for their glamour. Here are a few examples of James Bond movies with memorable casino scenes.

Dr. No (1962)

This is the first James bond movie. Here, we witness James Bond use the phrase “Bond, James Bond!” for the first time while at a card table at the Le Cercle Casino in London. Sean Connery, who plays James Bond in this movie, is playing the game of Baccarat with Sylvia Tench, the first Bond girl. Incidentally, the game of Baccarat is Ian Fleming’s preferred game for Bond in many of his movies.

Thunder ball (1965)

Who can forget the villain Emilio Largo in this movie? There is a scene with him and James Bond in a casino in Nassau, where they both think they are undercover, but in reality each of them knows that the other is an imposter. They face off over a card game. James Bond looks dapper in a white tuxedo while Largo peers at him while donning an intimidating eye patch as they duel over a card game.

On her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

Here, we see a scene shot at the Casino Estoril in Portugal. Here, Bond meets the Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo played by Diana Rigg. She is to be his future wife in the movie and in this encounter; James Bond rescues the Contessa when she makes a risky bet at the roulette table.

Never say never again (1983)

The casino scene in this game depicts a lavish 3-D video game called Domination. The beautiful Bond girl in this is named Domino, and she is with a wealthy lover known as Maximillian Largo. It is at a charity event hosted by Largo at a casino that the game of Domination is played.

Golden Eye (1995)

Here, we see Bond at the “Casino de Monte Carlo” in Monaco. This movie offers a casino scene where James Bond beats a beautiful Russian agent by the name of Xenia Onatopp at a game of Baccarat. He first loses heavily but eventually beats the lady after raising the stakes. All this happens as there is a charged atmosphere between the two since they are also attracted to each other.

Casino Royale (2006)

In this movie, James Bond moves from his favorite casino game “baccarat to poker, to be specific Texas Hold’em Poker. We watch a number of Texas Hold’em games between Bond and Le Chiffre, a SMERSH operative. James Bond is pursuing Le chiffre in a bid to turn him for Mi6, and he has to beat him in the tournament to do so. The stakes of the game are a minimum of $ 10 million dollars, but James Bond loses. He needs to bet an additional $ 5 million but can’t get approval for that amount from his treasury agent. Lucky for him, CIA agent Felix Leiter offers to lend him the $ 5 million in exchange for Le Chiffre. Although it starts with Bond losing, he wins in the end as is the case with many James Bond movies.

These are some of the casino scenes in James bond movies.

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