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Using the same gaming console as in popular slot machines games, video poker has kept all the traces of five card draw poker game. Fans of both of these games will find that video poker offers more interesting details and gambling options, and game rules are very easy when the game itself is extremely interesting.

Video poker will be a perfect choice for poker players who’ve got tired for playing against other players, and slot machine gamblers will find some traces which make game of video poker to be complicated that slots, and it this way more interesting.

Odds and Winnings

The game running of video poker is very similar to draw poker games. A player places a bet and then he is dealt cards from the deck. The player then has a chance to discard a number of cards and get new ones. If the player wins, he is the paid in accordance with a scale of odds. And if player losses, he loses his bet and money.

The odds provided in video poker differ from game to game. In some games specific cards are wild – either the deuces or a joker added to the deck – and in some games there is a cumulative jackpot which is won by a high hand such as a royal flush. The jackpot influences if the game is worth playing.

Video Poker Games

Though some players this that there one only one game which is called Video Poker, in fact, there are lots of their variations. Among the most popular of them you will meet:

  • Jacks or Better. You will easily find this game at any online casino, as well as in traditional gambling house, as it is known as the most common of the video poker games.
  • Bally's All American. One of the Jacks or Better variations.
  • Tens or Better. Another Jacks or Better variants which has some attractive differences in rules.
  • Deuces Wild. All the 2’s here are wild cards, which mean that they can substitute any other card in order to create a winning combination.
  • Bonus Poker. If you want some interesting video poker game but do not know which to choose – that is right for you!
  • Double Bonus. One more video poker bonus game which offers some attractive payouts.
  • Double Double Bonus. What can we tell? More bonuses are just here!

As you can see video poker is full of different variations, and you can choose the one according to your desires. Anyway, each of the variant is just great!

Christmas Slots

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