International game technology

The international game technology is a company that specialises in the provision, development, design, sales and distributing of the gambling machines and also other system products at the international level. It also ventures in the provision of theses gaming services online and across different mobile platforms. The company is located in the United States, in the state of Nevada. It houses its main offices in Las Vegas and Reno, as these are the places where gambling is most common. Other offices are located through out the United States. The company is responsible for the manufacture of almost 50% of all slot machines that are used for gambling in the USA. The company is worth a lot of money as its one-year revenue amounts up to two billion dollars.

The International gaming technology started as privately-owned company in the years of the 1950s and later went public in the year 1980. The decision of the company to go public at that time is attributed to the success that emanated from the video poker game that it manufactured. From that period the company has ventured into many other several game areas where it has also excelled well.

The breakthroughs of international gaming technology

The company is accredited for major breakthroughs in the gaming technology since its decision to go public in the year 1980. Some of these breakthroughs are as follows. First and foremost, it bought Electronic Data Technologies company making it the first company to practice the use of the computerised tracking concept of players and later the introduction of instrumental in proliferation of the frequent player rewards which remains a popular programme in casinos recently. The tracking systems later developed top the IGT Advantage and the sbX systems, IGT Casinos. Another product that resulted from it is the S slot machine. This marked the entry in the microprocessor driven slot spinning reel slot machines.

Games by IGT

There are various games that are provided by the international gaming technology company. Such games are the table games, slot machine games as well as online games. These games are either developed by the company directly or as result of buying another game providing company and incorporation into its system. Such games include the baccarat, Texas hold em bonus and Texas hold em shootout, black jack and European black jack that fall in the table games directly. The machine games include the cats, Cleopatra, Pharaoh’s fortune; Elvis top 20 among other numerous games.

There is also the online gaming that it provides. In this area, the company bought a United Kingdom online game provider known as the Wagerworks which was worth ninety million dollars. This enabled it to step up its provision of slot machines and supplies casino to various online gaming sites for example the paddy power.

Management of the international gaming technology

The company is managed by a board of directors as well as an executive management group that oversees its daily operations and prospecting its overall growth.

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