Slot Machine Malfunction

A slot machine is just like that; it is a machine and this means it is subject to malfunctioning. Malfunction of a slot machine simply voids all the pays and plays meaning that you end up getting not even a penny of what you though you had won. So, whether it announces that you have a million dollar jackpot or nothing, the best that the casino can do is to offer you a free buffet dinner and tell you to forget about everything. Even if you turn to the courts, your chances of having the case ruled in your favor are very minimal

If you realize that the slot machine is malfunctioned, the first thing you need to do is contacting one of the casino employees. Things can be a little thick if you had probably won a jackpot and you might need to make the necessary actions to ensure that the casino that one doesn’t deprive you of your win unfairly. Sometimes, it is advisable that you contact the local Gaming Control Board to have the dispute arbitrated by an agent. Where the dispute in question is more than $500 and the casino isn’t willing to pay citing slot machine malfunction, the gambling act requires that the casino notifies Gaming Control Board Enforcement Division. One thing that is for sure is that the casino will deny you the jackpot payment if the slot machine is observed to have malfunctioned.

When a button is pushed or the handle is pulled, the slot machine starts the process of choosing symbols alignment randomly. Malfunctioning means that the machine will not be able complete the selection process randomly as expected. This normally results to a tilting mode. Most manufacturers and engineers of slot machines set these machines in a way that they can briefly stop in the ‘jackpot’ position. This is the reason why most players believe that they have won a jackpot while it might not the case. Recent times have seen manufacturers of slot machines change the location of stoppage at another place rather than at the jackpot. This has contributed greatly in preventing the many jackpot misunderstandings that arise from slot machine malfunction.

When the slot machine malfunctions, it will not accept extra coins from players and existing credits can’t be played either. Also, the lights at the top are going to flash as well as the readout found on the face and reels tend to momentarily stop. Malfunctioning or tilting of slot machines shouldn’t come as a surprise because this is something that occurs even more regularly than you might think. As highlighted above, a slot machine is after all a machine and with some of them being operated on 24/7 basis, there is no reason why they won’t be malfunctioning. There are many reasons that could lead to slot machine malfunction like coin jams, improper tampering, switch failures, empty hoppers, power outages, accidental contacting/ bumping and computer chip failure. Unfortunately, if one of these happens, you better forget about the jackpot you thought you had won.

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