Why One Should Consider Cryptologic Slots when Playing Slots

Cryptologic software is one of the most famous of established brands in the online gambling software industry, which first being introduced to the market in 1996. They are particularly known for their innovative slot machines using the very latest techniques in software development to bring players a unique yet realistic experience from the comfort of their own home. It is the fabulous combination of top-of-the-range graphics alongside enticing bonuses and even more impressive jackpots. These reasons indicate why one should consider Cryptologic slots when looking to play them online.

Best of Cryptologic Slots

One of the most popular slot machines powered by Cryptologic and which gave them their reputation is the on-the-edge-of-your-seat Marvel slots. This version of slots was inspired by the Marvel super hero comic and has put a real sense of thrill into online slots that had never been achieved before. There are currently 17 Marvel slot machines available through their online casino counterparts. A great advantage to playing these slots is that they are available to play either through download, or as a Flash-supported game. Besides both Mac as well as Microsoft users has the ability to play these games. The bets for the Marvel slot machines vary considerably to allow for players with different spending allowances.

Advantages of Cryptologic Software Provider

Cryptologic have kept the personality of the player in mind by developing fast-paced, gripping, innovative, colorful, and customized slot games to attract to a wide audience of individuals. The progressive jackpots that come with Cryptologic Slots are staggering, which make them even more appealing. Progressive jackpots are a combination of all the bets placed by players – and the higher player’s bet is, the higher the jackpot. Due to the popularity of Cryptologic’s slots, the jackpots are consequently very big indeed.

There are numerous slots to play that are powered and supported by Cryptologic. If you are keen to get involved in playing slots online and looking for a reputable and exciting software platform, consider Cryptologic, who have an extensive number of supporting online casinos. If you are unsure where to start, there will be various websites outlining in more detail which Cryptologic casino offer what kind of slots as well as their corresponding bonuses and what progressive jackpot is up for grabs.

Christmas Slots

Christmas is very popular theme for slot machines as most players flock to their PCs or mobile devices to play slots on this holiday. Christmas slots have all the festive symbols on the reels and are generous in payouts. Most software providers offer Christmas slots.

Love Theme Slots

Love theme is the most favorite among women, so it's not a surprise that there are love slots as women are the regular slots players. All the slots dedicated to love have romantic music, symbols, bright design and are played on St.Valentine's Day.

Slots About Space

Aliens, space invasions, stars, distant planets, gravity are in the center of space slots. This topic is just as popular as holiday slots theme but space slots can be played on any occasion. You can find space slot machines at most online casinos.