Pit Boss – Friend or Foe

Many people know of the pit bosses in a casino, but few understand what they do. Depending on the game, a pit boss could just be observing games or frantically dealing with cards, irate gamblers or filling out paper work related to games in the casino. What is the job description of a pit boss?

Functions of a casino pit boss

A pit boss is also referred to as a gaming supervisor, and his main function is to oversee operations on the casino floor. You will see them circulating the casino tables, monitoring customers to ensure they play by the rules and adhere to casino etiquette.

A pit supervisor also oversees casino dealers. The pit boss keeps an eye on cashiers to ensure that they convert gaming chips into cash as expected. He also ensures that all the games are played according to regulations put forth by gaming commissions. He trains new employees and monitors the performance of current ones. He ensures that casino security staff work as expected and takes disciplinary action against any employee that does not work as expected.

What are the requirements for an individual to becoming a pit boss?

Many casino pit bosses start off as casino dealers. They run through all the various games in the casino, and this gives them adequate experience when it comes to manning the casino floor. From the position of dealer, they are promoted to supervisors. There are gaming management classes that they can take to increase their knowledge of casino supervision. However, many pit bosses get their valuable knowledge from the experience of being in a casino for a number of years.

Pit boss and casino customers

Whether a casino pit boss is a friend or foe to a customer, all comes down to the individual. This refers to the customer in terms of behavior and the pit boss in terms of customer relations. If a casino customer follows the rules and does not engage in unsightly behavior, there is no reason for a pit boss to deal with them in a firm manner. However, if you are one of the casino customers that get drunk and cause trouble for other patrons, the casino pit boss will not be your friend.

When it comes to casino pit bosses and their customer relations, it is necessary that they treat all customers with respect and professionalism. They have to be good listeners- friendly but firm. Players in a casino can use a pit boss as their friend because they have the ability to authorize certain perks such as free meals, free games and room stays to loyal patrons. If you are a regular customer at a certain casino, being in the good books of casino pit bosses will help you earn such perks whenever they are available for loyal customers. You also need to be in their good books because they are invaluable when it comes to dealing with problems at gambling tables during a game.

Whether a pit boss is a friend or foe depends on the behavior of a customer and the professionalism of the pit boss.

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