Songs about Casinos and Gambling

Forget about the Kenny Rogers, “know when to fold”, song also known as The Gambler, there are many more songs about gambling. Gambling is a significant part of entertainment for some people, and it’s no surprise that there are many songs penned about the experience.

Ace of Spades “Motor head’s”

This song has a rock and roll vibe to it, and it focuses on cautioning gamblers on the risks surrounding gaming. It also advises gamblers not to obsess about casino games and instead have a healthy attitude about losing their money- since you can’t win all the time.

Elvis Presley “Viva Las Vegas”

If ace of spades were cautioning against the risks of gambling, then Elvis was driving people to the habit in his song “Viva Las Vegas”. He glorifies the image of sin city as the place to be for fun by depicting roulette wheels, streams of cash and beautiful women.

Frank Sinatra “Luck be a Lady”

Frank Sinatra shows gamblers how fickle luck because it can turn without warning leaving you high and dry. Listening to this song will help gamblers not to put all their eggs in a basket known as “luck” because it is not a safe bet. It’s a good way to inspire gamblers to learn the ins and outs of gambling games to decrease their chances of losing and increase the amount of money they win when gambling by making wise decisions.

Ray Charles “Blackjack”

This is a bitter sweet song for blackjack players. It highlights the difficulties of playing black jack especially as concerns the house edge, which is hard for players. It also speaks about how hard it is to hold on to one’s winnings when playing the game.

Abba “The Winner Takes It All”

This song highlights that while the parties in a gambling game put in their best effort to win the game, in the end the winner takes it all. It also offers the advantage that in spite of any loses “the game is on again” which means the players have another chance to make a win.

Bob Dylan “Rambling Gambling Willie”

In this song, we meet Willie O’Connelly, a fictional great gambler that was also a womanizer. He fathered 27 children and was well known for helping the less fortunate with winnings from his gambling escapades. However, he comes to a tragic end. Bob Dylan is warning gamblers to win fast and enjoy their winnings, but know when to stop. Knowing when to stop will keep them from a tragic end.

Little River Band “Lonesome loser”

This is to give you solace when you get beat by the Queen of hearts. This song actually inspires gamblers to keep at it even when they lose.

Most of the gambling songs speak to the addictive quality of casino games. Many of them depict a glittering lifestyle. However, they show that there is a potential for huge losses on the side of gamblers if they do not take care to monitor their gambling habits.

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